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Study on Faecal Sterols as Monitoring Indicators in Coastal Sewage Water

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Tutor: YanZhiYu XuHengZhen
School: Dalian Maritime University
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Fecal sterol,Stool,Polluted water,Sediment
CLC: X834
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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In recent years , a large number of industrial wastewater and sewage discharged into the sea to nearshore marine ecological environment has caused a great deal of pressure . The traditional surveillance sewage use of bacteriological methods , failed to properly identify the source of the sewage . This paper proposes to use the the fecal sterol substance as biological monitoring markers , and the national part of the sewage outfall effluent is used to detect and identify the sources of pollution . Select nearshore typical outfall sewage and sediment , fecal sterols as biomarkers to identify environmental pollutants principle as an object of study by solid -phase extraction (SPE) column chromatography technology for sample classification analysis , the application of capillary gas chromatography / mass spectrometry - single- ion selective hyphenated techniques (GC-MS-SIM) multi-instrument detection sewage fecal sterol biomarkers , establish inshore typical waters sewage the fecal sterol identify the pattern recognition method , get inshore typical waters identification of sources of sewage indicator system . Select Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangxi typical outfall sewage and Dalian Bay sediments experiments verify the theory . Separation and detection of the different fecal sterol substances include coprostanol , cholesterol, dihydro- cholesterol , 24 - ethyl - fecal alcohol 24 - ethyl - cholesterol, etc. , and then be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to identify outfall sewage ratio analysis stool sources. Gas chromatography - flame ionization detector and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in total ion current for steroid detection is inadequate , gas chromatography - mass spectrometry with single ion selectivity and specificity to ensure that the analysis of steroids in the sample . And parallel samples proofreading accuracy and precision of gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis . The results showed that , using gas chromatography - mass spectrometry associated with single ion detection of fecal steroid alcohol and the use of its ratio of indicators to identify human , animal dung , and life sewage sources is feasible ; use of fecal steroid alcohol as a biological indicator monitoring to identify sewage fecal sources can be further improve China's major sources of pollution monitoring techniques and methods to carry out the coastal marine environment, migration and transformation of pollutants basis for the study .
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