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Study on Process Optimization of Thin-wall Diamond Drill by Composite Plating

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Tutor: YangZhongDong
School: Northeastern University
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Composite plating,Synchronous vertical wear,Carcass,Bottom edge,Range analysis
CLC: TQ153
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The synchronized longitudinal diamond core drill bit during the drilling the wear rules is rarely reported , through theoretical analysis and actual drilling , more in line with synchronous vertical wear rules for the longer bit life . In this paper, the composite plating method produced diamond core drill bit . First discussed by orthogonal test current density , pH , temperature , buried in sand , additives and other five factors of the process , with the best level of value on range analysis of five factors . Based on the value and to the best level in five in-depth study of the number of buried in sand , the anode plate distribution , the three factors of the wall thickness of the matrix composite coatings . To the life of the drill bit in the actual drilling evaluate different process conditions , the comparative analysis of the composite coating worn morphology before and after drilling ; using the the micrometer measurement matrix composite coatings synchronous longitudinal amount of wear ; drill side blade coating surface observed by optical microscopy morphology ; composite coatings sectional scanning electron microscopy , surface morphology and structure . Composite coating morphology, structure , wear resistance , and buried sand time . Buried in the sand for too long or too short will reduce the performance of the composite coating ; buried in the sand number and the wall thickness of the substrate to a greater influence of synchronous vertical wear the bit life increased significantly with the buried sand increase in the number , synchronous vertical amount of wear increases bit life ; With the increase in the wall thickness of the substrate , showing the first increases and then reduce the law , synchronous vertical amount of wear also showed the trend of increased and then decreased . Under certain process conditions , synchronization longitudinal wear is possible, the drill life enhancement can be achieved . Composite plating process can be a certain degree of optimization and improvement .
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