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Study on the Water Environmental Impact after Hydropower Cascade Development in Shitang River betwee

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Tutor: QiMeiFu
School: Nanchang University
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Cascade hydropower station,Water environment,Prediction model,Ecological base fl
CLC: X820.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Shitang River located in north of wuyi mountains, in the central of wuyi mountain rainstorm area, is also one of minority heavy rain area in our province, As the rainstorm very strong, the slope of river so steep, the flood occurs frequently and comes quickly, the peak of flood very high and amount large, the damage very serious, it caused extremely serious influence for the residents within the basin in production and life. But the rainfall assigns extremely non-uniform during the year and inter-year, in addition to the necessary ditch is imperfect, that affected the basin¡¯s field irrigation and the local farmer¡¯s development, therefore,to develop water conservation construction scientific and reasonable in Shitang river, will enhance greatly the ability of the basin water resources storage,if do that, both prevent and control the flood and solute basically contradiction between supply and demand of water resources in river basin.This paper, begin with the realistic situation that cascade hydropower development in Shitang river basins, according to the cascade hydropower engineering characteristic and the project area and the environmental characteristic of the basin, to study the impact factor of water environment such as the hydrology, sediment deposition, water temperature and water quality. The basic thought is that mainly method from the qualitative analysis to the quantitative calculation. The water quality of cascade reservoirs use complete-mixing prediction model; On the total phosphorus and the total nitrogen take Dellen forecast model, In the downstream used in one dimension modelThe result show that after the cascade hydropower station construction, through connect with the upstream Gaodian reservoir which is already built operation, will change the water runoff distribution of Shitang river during year, reduce flood, the amount of water increase greatly in dry period; the sediment coming into the cascade reservoirs is about 3.34 x 103 tons every year; The water temperature rise slowly through cascade hydropower stations,in the site of Luohu dam, the temperature rise in 0.4¡æ/km rate, compare with natural water temperature, the place of Luohu dam site section annual average temperature reduce about 2.5¡æ; The density of BOD5 and ammonia nitrogen in cascade hydropower stations achieve surface water¢òclass standards, from Yangxi bay to Liaotou and Luohu reservoirs,the BOD5 and ammonia nitrogen is decline, Nutrition reservoir in the degree of eutrophication, The downstream can quickly dilute and degradate pollutants when pollution entering, BOD5 and ammonia nitrogen different each month mainly because of the amount from upstream.In addition, because of the construction of hydropower station will produce less water river, the last level of cascade hydropower station is the longest reduced river, to ensure the river normal, using Tennant method to calculate the ecological base flow, after the hydropower station construction should release minimum ecological base flow from the Luohu dam for 0.7m3/s, in the most dry month is 0.31 m3/s.The flood of Shitang dispatching after hydropower station,the largest discharged flow is 1020.8m3/s in 50years,400m3/s in20years,400m3/s in10 years,greatly reducing the Shitang flood.For hydropower construction may produce the main environmental problems, and give feasible pollution prevention measures and Suggestions, etc,
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