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Research on Dynamics Simulation Based on ADAMS for Wheel Tread Flat Signal of Locomotive

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Tutor: GaoJingBo
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: General and Fundamental Mechanics
Keywords: Train wheels detection,Out-of-roundness,The wheel/rail system,ADAMS,BP neural ne
CLC: U270.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Recent years, with the continuous improvement of the railway transportationspeed, the mutual force between wheels and rails was strengthen gradually. So thehidden danger brought by out-of-roundness was also more and more obvious. Whenthe train in a high-speed, a tiny out-of-roundness would cause a strong dynamicresponse changes between the wheels and rails. Those would seriously impact onthe train driving stability and ride comfort, even would lead to a serious trainaccident. The method of train wheels detection in our country at present is relativelytraditional, inefficient, and it affects the normal operation of the train. Consideringall of that, it¡¯s necessary to study for a new train wheels automatic detection method,which have a high precision, high efficiency and does not affect the normaloperation of the train.In order to study the question of impact between wheels and rails, this papersimplified the wheel/rail system model, and based on ADAMS dynamics software,has built up the wheel/rail system model and the wheels detection device model. Inaddition, lots of simulation calculation which in different condition have been done,as result lots of corresponding signals have been detected.In the process of picking up the signal of scratch, many kinds of methods havebeen tried, and the suitable one has been selected by comparison. Finally, theamplitude of scratch signal which in different condition have been obtained. Inorder to research the mapping relation between the amplitude of scratches and thethree variable quantities¡ªthe amplitude of impact signal by scratches, the speed oftrain and the position of the scratch contacts the rail¡ªand then estimate theamplitude of wheel scratches, This paper adopt the method of BP neural networkand adjust the weight number and threshold through training the neural network viathe simulation results, and finally achieve the purpose of estimating the amplitudeof scratches.Within the scope of certain accuracy, Lots of simulation calculation andresearch in this paper have achieved the purpose of detecting the wheels andestimating the amplitude of scratches.
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