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Study on Vibration Isolation of Spacecraft Using Non-probabilistic Reliability Theory

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Tutor: FangBo
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: General and Fundamental Mechanics
Keywords: vibration isolation of spacecraft,non-probabilistic reliability,dynamicfeatures,
CLC: TB535.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2012
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The isolation technology of spacecraft can improve the dynamic environmentof spacecraft in the process of launching. With the application and development ofnew materiel technology, new design method and other innovative technology in thefields of spaceflight bring many uncertain factors. The aim is to resist the influenceof uncertain environment and other factors, isolate the incentive from carrier rocketin the process of launching and improve the reliability and safety of spacecraft. Th ispaper in the background of practical projects researches on isolation technology ofspacecraft based on non-probabilistic reliable theory. Its main contents and resultsare as follows:For whole-spacecraft isolation system, the conceptual design thoughts of newwhole-spacecraft isolation is put forward and damping mechanism and theprocedure of design method is researched. Establish the dynamics model of couplingsystem in Horizontal longitudinal. The thesis discusses the dynamics characteristicof vibration isolation in many directions of new whole-spacecraft vibration isolationplatform in theory through this model. Establish isolation performance evaluationsystem of new whole-spacecraft vibration isolation system by analysis andnumerical simulation.By introducing non-probabilistic reliable theory, establish non-probabilisticreliable model of uncertain vibration isolation system and non-probabilistic reliableindex as well as other theoretical method. This system is proceeded specificnon-probabilistic reliable design for equivalent simplification dynamic model ofprincipal passive whole-spacecraft vibration platform and non-probabilistic reliableresearch. The aim is to extend the application of non-probabilistic reliable theory inthe fields of spacecraft. For vibration transmissibility of passive principal vibrationplatform is influenced by incentive amplitude, researched physical mechanism ofvibration performance influence and explained experiment by theory.After passive equivalent simplification dynamic model of effective verification,the dynamic characteristic of principal passive whole-spacecraft vibration system isdone non-probabilistic reliable experimental research. By test the verification ofnon-probabilistic reliable theory analyse is proceeded. It is testified that thisvibration platform can resist uncertain environment and has good vibration isolationcharacteristics. The thesis discusses the influence of the passive dampingcomponents on active actuator elements. The simulation data of non-probabilisticreliable index is corrected.And next establish step rockets coupling vibration isolation system of analytical dynamics model. From the perspective of arrow discuss the technologyprincipal of whole-spacecraft vibration isolation and technology way of othervibration isolation reduction. The principal analytical verification of arrow vibrationisolation technology is proceeded by numerical simulation. By adding newwhole-spacecraft vibration isolation platform to do arrow simulation research, itshows that new vibration isolation platform can improve the arrow dynamicenvironment and has a small influence on arrow dynamic characteristic. And lastnon-probabilistic reliable analysis of arrow coupling system is proceeded.Based on the above theory analysis and principal whole-spacecraft vibrationisolation platform research, a certain type of satellite is proceeded engineeringapplication research. Add anti roll device to structure design, static overloadstrength simulation and non-probabilistic reliable design of whole-spacecraftvibration isolation system is proceeded in the process of launching.By testwhole-spacecraft vibration isolation system is proceeded non-probabilistic reliableevaluation. It shows that this vibration isolation platform has high reliability and canresist the influence of uncertain environment. At last vibration isolationcharacteristics of vibration isolation platform are examined. This platform canrealize multi-aspect vibration isolation and has good vibration isolationeffectiveness. This vibration isolation platform inland realizes the projectapplication of flushbonading whole-spacecraft vibration isolation platform for thefirst time.
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