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Study on Ventilated Cavitating Flow Druing Water-exit of Underwater Vehicle

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Tutor: ZhangJiaZhong
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: General and Fundamental Mechanics
Keywords: Natural cavitation,Outletwater angle,Ventilation rate,Hydrodynamic,ventilationti
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Underwater navigation involves gas and vapor, water mixed phase,the flow fieldcharacteristics is very complex. Underwater navigation water body process can be vertical to thesurface of water, also can tilt some angle relative to the water surface. The motion of the sailingprocess cavitation phenomenon include natural supercaviatation¡®s generation, development andbreaking. Cavitation bubble breaking will occur breaking shock wave, which is likely to causedamage to the body structure. Active ventilation can improve the hydrodynam ic and navigationforce of the process of sailing body underwater movement, but ventilation rate given is a verycomplex technical problems. Therefore, to address these issues in this article mainly to carry outthe following work:(1)For sailing body vertical process water, only consider natural cavitation, analyzes thedifferent speed sailing for navigation body fluid dynamic influence. Based on the analysis ofnatural cavitation supercaviting bodies under different angle oblique hydrodynamiccharacteristic of fluid(2)For navigation body process consideration of natural water cavitation at the same timeconsider artificial active ventilation, based on the same ventilation rate and different sailing speedfor water hydrodynam and cavitation bubble analysis(3) For process of sailing body pass through water surface,contrast the pressure coefficident ofbody surface on the situation of considering ventilate and not ventilate and get it law.(4) Analysis and artificial ventilation afterAnalysising the advantages of natural cavitation,the timing variation of the ventilation rate of sailing body cavity shape and fluid dynamic analysis,get the best solution to givevention rat way.The main innovations of this thesis were indicated in the following aspects:(1) Anlysis wholeprocess of3D model of body acrossing water surface,and then initiative to ventilation of thebody;(2) Sailing tilt water fluid dynamics and vacuolar morphology in the vertical water on thebasis of the navigation body;(3) Ventilation timing of the ventilation rate of change over time inthe simulated ventilation rate on the navigation body of water process on the basis of thesimulation,get the best way to ventilation timing.
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