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Research of Mars Probe Trajectories Design Method

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Tutor: WangRiXin
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: General and Fundamental Mechanics
Keywords: Mars exploration,gravity-assist,intelligence algorithm,orbit designsoftware
CLC: V476.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Since the21century, countries around the world launched a wave of deep spaceexploration boom. Especially the exploration of Mars has become the hot spots of deepspace exploration. For the exploration of Mars, we must first know the orbit of thedetector, which requires the orbit design. In this paper, to aim at the Mars mission,started the trajectory plan research, and the main content is as follows:In the first place, research on the exploration of Mars direct transfer orbit design.For the preliminary orbit design issue, we can use patched conic method, regarding theentire orbit design issues as sections of two-body problem and using the Lambertproblem solving method to solve. Based on the above basic theory, this paper usedPork-Chop diagram method to solve the direct transfer orbit. Then, we used geneticalgorithms to solve direct transfer orbit optimization search and compared respectivecharacteristics of the two methods, pointing out respective applicable serviceable range.Besides, this article also combined with the deep space maneuver to finish orbit design.On the basis of the initial track design, considering the four-body problem, usingdifferential correction method conduct accurate dynamic model design£¬and verifiedthrough simulation.Next, study on gravity-assist issue. Adopting Earth-Venus¨CMars gravity-assistprogram, we used Pork-Chop figure method and particle swarm optimization to finishorbit design, verifying these methods with literature data. On the basis of this, this paperused particle swarm optimization to finish deep space maneuver orbit design andcompared particle swarm algorithm and genetic algorithms, pointing out the advantagesof particle swarm optimization in the orbital optimization, compared to the geneticalgorithm.Finally, the Pork-Chop, genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization usingMATLAB for the Mars orbit design software development work. Introduce Softwaremodule settings and interface distribution, and explain the functionality of the software,combining with practical examples.
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