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The Research of Measurement and Calibration on the Flapping Parameters of Rotor Blades

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Tutor: LiangTingWei
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: General and Fundamental Mechanics
Keywords: rotor blade,Flapping parameter,Duffing equation,averaging method,virtual instrum
CLC: V275.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The rotor blades are the very important sections of the helicopters¡¯ flyingsystem. The stability of flapping parameters of the rotor blades plays an importantpart in the quality of flying. Through the dynamic balance testing process, a methodis proposed that building the nonlinear Duffing¡¯s flapping equation for the rotorblade. The stability of the nonlinearized system of the rotor blade is studied by theaveraging method. The results have been proved by simulation based on Matlab.Under certain conditions, the rotor blades¡¯ flapping parameters are steady.The flapping parameters of the rotor blades are impacted by the parameters ofstandard rotor blade and the dynamic balance testing parameters. Using the methodof changing the installation position of standard rotor blades among the three rotorhubs, the testing parameters of standard rotor blades are achieved. The method alsocan uncouple the parameters between the standard rotor blade and the hub.Analyzing how the static parameters influence the dynamic parameters, for thefoundation of parameters recovery process.Using the three lasers of the dynamic balance test bed measure the flappingparameters of the rotor blades. In the same situations, a method is put up tocalibrate the flapping measurement system with three definite thickness simulatorsas blades and the measurement system is also calibrated. In the final, theuncertainty of the measurement system and flapping parameter are analyzed.According to the testing system, the virtual instrument software LabVIEW is usedto develop the software, to complete signal analysis processing, data managementand graphical display.
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