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The Design and Implementation of Android-Based Video Calling System

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Tutor: SunZuo
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Communication and Information System
Keywords: Android,FFmpeg,RTP/RTCP,JRTPLIB,SIP
CLC: TN929.53
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In recent years,the rapid development of smart phone operating system.especially Android sytem,has led the global smart phone market into ezpoosion state.With some applications such as mobile social networking,mobile media communications and mobile games being continually developed,a variety of applications on smart phone operating systems are increasingly affecting and changing people¡¯s lifestyles.After Android 2.3 version was released,the developing of front camera and SIP protocol stack is supportive,which had marked the Android phone war abour to enter the era of real-time video calls.This paper is focused on the intensive study of video capture technology based on Android Camera and VOIP technology based on SIP protocol,as well as detailed analysis of two open-source projects FFMPEG library and JRTPLIB library,which are both explanted these two libraries to the Android development environment on the basis of the study in Android NDK development principles.At the same time,this paper designs and implements a set of video calling system based on Android platform,which is equipped with the latest release of the Android 2.3X operating systems,with Android Camera system as the video capture source,the SIP protocol stack as the call initiation and management protocol,the MPEG-4 standard as the video codec stadard,as well as RTP/RTCP protocol as the network transport protocol.As for the part of Android Camera and SIP,the developing methods for Android application layer are adopted,while MPEG-4 standard and RTP/RTCP protocol are realized by the same way of developing Android native layer.This paper firstly introduces the system principles of Android platform briefly,including system architecture,methods of developing Android application layer and native layer;then, the technical composition of this system is introduced in four aspects,which are the video capture based on Android Camera,the video codec based on FFMPEG,the VOLP based on SIP and the real-time transport based on JRTPLIB,Also,this paper introduces how to use these techniques and implementation process of this system are introduced,including the details of the design and implementation process of this system are introduced,including the overall framework of this system,overall system sdolutions,the internal executing process of various component modules and the cooperation between the various modules.
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