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Rfid-based Information Management Platform for the Aviation Food Logistics

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Tutor: LiuKaiHua
School: Tianjin University
Course: Communication and Information System
Keywords: SQL Server 2008,RFID tag,Logistics Management platform,PowerBuilder,Serial Commu
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Logistics Safety is an important foundation for the development of aviation industry while smuggling, use of passenger aircraft, entrainment, and high-tech crime is repeating again and again in recent years. Our airline logistics is facing unprecedented pressures and challenges. China airline¡¯current food logistics still use manual recording with a list of logistics on paper which is both reducing on the accuracy of the logistics data significantly, but also reduce the efficiency of logistics operations, but also is not conducive to environmental protection, energy saving green management policy called for the world today.With the rapid development of computer technology, mobile Internet technology, Internet technology, sensor networks and database technology today, electronic identification system has come into being, while RFID technology is relatively mature development and progress. it is very urgent and necessary that using RFID tag instead of the traditional labels and to establish a complete set of logistics which is security, efficient and convenient air food logistics management system for China¡¯s airlines to provide effective logistics management tool. In this paper, considering the lack of aviation food logistics in China, combining more domestic and foreign similar technology and adhering to the modern logistics system, logistics and supply chain management thinking, proposed C/S structure and the B/S structure combined to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as the background Database based on RFID technology, aviation food logistics integrated management platform which provides successful solutions for the design and implementation of paperless intelligent aviation food logistics, information technology.This paper first discusses the background and significance of the research topic which gives a brief description about the research the content and the structure of the paper; the second chapter describes the technology used in the platform and related theories. The third chapter, the forth chapter and the fifth chapter are the main parts of this article: Chapter 3 describes the needs of the airline industry logistics work and gives a detailed analysis; according to needs analysis, Chapter 4 carries out a detailed network architecture design, database design and function module design; Chapter 5 completes the system implementation based on the design instructions and then gives the system test results.The construction of the platform will refresh the management concepts and operating philosophy of the air food logistics, which is the first application of RFID technology for the logistics of airline food. The platform provides air food logistics to be automatic, paperless, efficient and reliable which elevates the air logistics management. It provides technical assurance for the air logistics organized, orderly and efficient manner. In addition, the platform the dynamic authorization model of the C/S part and the UI automatically create for user button of the B/S part the broken through the traditional method of design and implementation, which has a very good reference value for other information management system.
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