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Research on Intelligent Vacuum Suction Device Based on MB95F204K

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Tutor: Sun
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Communication and Information System
Keywords: SCM,Vacuum Suction,PWM,Digital PID,Pressure Sensor,Motor Control
CLC: R472
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the economic development, traffic accidents and all kinds of unexpected events (outside the human body injury) are increasing in modern society. Used as an important part of medical assistance, the vacuum suction is also increasingly reflected. Currently, most of the vacuum suction control negative pressure by regulating the size of vacuum leak, resulting in big noise, large energy consumption. So vacuum suction can not work long hours, negative pressure can not be dynamically controlled, leading to the result of suction unideal. And function of the vacuum suction is simple, only applicable to suck pus, blood and other liquids in clinic. In order to effectively overcome these shortcomings and make the medical care quicker and more convenient, it is necessary to further study on the vacuum suction.In view of the above questions, this article designs a medical intelligent negative pressure aspirator based on MB95F204K, which basically overcomes the common problem of current market negative pressure aspirators.Firstly, the paper describes the basic theories and methods the system involved in, including PID algorithm, PWM control principle and the principle of the sensor; Secondly, it introduces the overall design scheme and idea of the negative pressure aspirator, and realizes the system software design and hardware design. is a multi- functional suction device of high safe performance, high degree of automation, long life, low noise, low power.MC33886 providing the driving signals to the vacuum pump, and achieving functions of real-time alarm, large-screen LCD liquid crystal display, negative pressure attract depending on the pressure and setting time, intelligent storage and so on, can effectively help to save time and increase the success rate of salvage.
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