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Welding Orientation System Development of Container Reinforced Plate Based on Opencv

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Tutor: GaoBo WangHaiXia
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Communication and Information System
Keywords: Bilateral Filtering,OTSU threshold,Hu moments match,Corner detection,Camera Cali
CLC: U169
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Container transportation plays a vital role in the international world trade. In order to avoid the improper operation of damage to the container roof, we need weld a reinforced plate at the top in near corners pieces to strengthen container top strength. The traditional manual welding defects is becoming increasingly, therefore now according to the world¡¯s largest container manufacturers¡ªCIMC Qingdao Branch needs, and we designed a kind of special automation container reinforced plate welding system.This paper based on the actual characteristic of the container reinforced plate welding system and devoted in the research of precise localization to the container reinforced plate welding system. This paper described the image pre-processing, research and analysis of several commonly image processing techniques used in filtering and threshold techniques, selected according to the requirements of the system of bilateral filtering method and the OTSU algorithm. The contours are the most intuitive features, which form an image is different from other image characteristics. This paper through find all the contours in the imae, then matched with the standard template, and determined the plate¡¯s contours. Because pixel coordinate and 3d space object surface corresponding points geometry position related, so we can using the theory of camera calibration to calculated this position of mutual corresponding relation, find out the world coordinate of the reinforcing plate, thus finish the positioning.In Windows operating system, by using Intel¡¯s OpenCV vision library and Microsoft¡¯s Visual Studio 2008 IDE builded the development platform, has realized the whole welding the positioning of the system software development work. Through the experimental simulation welding environment application we can see this system has developed high efficiency, simple operation and high precision of welding advantages.
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