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Research on the Key Technology of Waterborne Transport Security System

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Tutor: WuYunPing
School: Fujian Normal University
Course: Communication and Information System
Keywords: the main controller,front-end acquisition controller,multi-protocol data frame,f
CLC: U698
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The thesis was funded by"Research on the key technology of waterborne transport security system"of the Fujian Science and Technology Key Project (item number: 2008H0022). A further research was fulfilled, which covers some aspects such as applicability of the terminal, compatibility of multiple equipments protocol and fault diagnosis, after a fully study and analysis of both domestic and foreign development and trend of waterborne security system, combing with the experience of actual project and focusing on the existing trouble of waterborne security system such as huge differences of device type, various measurement parameters and frequent alarm phenomenons and so on. The design and preliminary application of waterborne transport security system was completed. The performance of system at Hannan shows that: data of the terminal system is stable and reliable, system achieve expected requirements.The thesis introduces the design of distributed measurement and control terminal. The remote terminal was designed by master-slave distributed and function classify method, consisting of the main controller, front-end acquisition controller (analog type, battery type, digital type and protocol converter), and RS-485 field bus, which can improve the feasibility of terminal. The server was accomplished by analysis method of data frame multi-protocols based on characteristic characters in order tosolve the problem of compatibility of multi-equipments protocol. It can enhance universality, applicability, and scalability of the data analysis of server. According to some phenomenon of the terminal such as communication timeout, abnormal light or voltage, the fault diagnosis has been achieved by rule reasoning and fuzzy identification way, combined with multi-parameters and querying historical data.Finally, this project is summarized, and a further study direction on the topic is putted forward.
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