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Research on3D Display Technology for Target Classification and Identification, and Flow Divider of H

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Tutor: YangHongTao
School: Anhui University of Technology
Course: Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Keywords: High pressure water-jet,reflective sound signal,flow divider,structuralparameter
CLC: TP391.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In order to utilize high pressure water-jet to identify target physical dimension and material quickly and effectively, it is required that the eigenvalues of reflected sound signal are equal when high pressure water-jet attacking on the same target by array nozzles. So it is necessary to research the reasonable structure for flow divider to ensure that the pressure and flow of every nozzle are identical. On the other hand, in order to realize integration of detecting and eliminating mines, targets should be displayed in real time on the3D map.The flow divider related to the subjet has been done the following work in the article. The research status of high pressure water-jet technology and target material detection technology was analyzed. The theory of flow divider¡¯s design and orthogonal experiments was described. For flow divider, the structure was designed and the parameters were analyzed, and the orthogonal experimental table for parameter optimization was determined. Internal flow field of flow dividers that have different structural parameters were modeled by Gambit to numerically simulate with fluent. Experimental datas were exported from fluent¡¯s result and processed by the orthogonal experiment to determine optimal structure parameters of flow divider. The flow divider of optimal structure parameters was machined to verify that pressure of nine channels is identical. On the other hand,3D display technology based on target classification and identification has been done the following work. The research status of3D map was analyzed. The theory of physical dimension identification and position of target was described to derive the algorithm of physical dimension identification and position of targets. Through reflective signals that is simulated acess to the designed3D map software, the simulation experiment about physical dimension identification and position of targets and real-time display was done.The simulation and experiment results show that the requirements of pressure and flow uniformity for identifying target material based on high pressure water-jet and multiple nozzles can be met perfectively by using machined flow divider based on optimal structure parameters. The target physical dimension can be identified, and the target position can be determined by3D map display software to display target in real time. These research achievements provide foundation for further research.
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