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Analysis of the Flexible Blade Structure Aeroelastic Stability

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Tutor: TianRui
School: Inner Mongolia University of Technology
Course: Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Keywords: Wind energy,The flexible blade,The shape of the blade,Power spectraldensity,Aero
CLC: TM315
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The growing demand for energy increaseth with the rapid development of socialeconomy. However, along with the exploitation of oil and coal led to the world¡¯s energycrisis increasingly serious.As the development of wind energy is renewable and cleanenergy. Because the wind energy resources of our country is very rich, so the wind powerindustry get rapid development of our country.The blade is one of the key components of wind turbine and the blade aerodynamicperformance analysis is an indispensable important link in the design of the wind turbineblade. The aerodynamic performance is a key criterion for the quality of blade profiledesign. A growing number of studies have found a blade made of flexible material has aunique aerodynamic advantage in aerodynamic after appropriate deformation. Such asincreasing the lift-to-drag ratio and enhanced high angle of attack stall performance. Butflexible blade under the action of airflow motion dual influence aerodynamic and elasticdeformation will face the aeroelastic problem of complex, including highly hazardousflutter. From the economic and safety analysis of wind turbine blade aeroelastic stabilityis of great significance and the important content of the design of a wind turbine. Basedon the flexible blade of a wind energy conversion device as the research object,considering the aerodynamic performance of the aeroelastic stability analysis of itsstructure.1.Study on the blade surface pressure using multi-point instantaneous pressuremeasurement technology in a low-speed wind tunnel. According to the flexible bladeenergy conversion device blade deformation features in-depth study of five deformedstate of leaves in the stream wind velocity and the windward angle aerodynamic loads.Establishment of blade3D model parametric modeling technology into the blade. Theblade surface pressure into the blade structure finite element model for static blade on theelastic stability analysis. To predict the possibility of blade local failure and explore bladebending deformation on the stress distribution rule of the influence.2.According to the results of static analysis for high frequency dynamic bladepressure measuring method establish the method of the elastic response of pneumaticblade deformation under wind load. Based on the principle of power spectral density analysis, using MATLAB to comparative analysis of bending deformation at the end ofthe blade cable constraints wind pressure and power spectral density. Found that thecurvature K=0.013blade under the wind flutter amplitude fluctuations is small and noteasy to wind flow and high-frequency resonance.
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