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Numerical Simulation for Flow Characteristics of Pump Sumps

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Tutor: ChenSongShan
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Keywords: Pump sumps,3-D turbulent flow,Numerical simulation,Hydraulic performance,Hydraul
CLC: TV675
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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It is important to improve the hydraulic performance of pump sumps, which is an important part of the medium and small pumping station. Based on the large computational fluid dynamics software CFX, this paper systemically studied on the hydraulic performance of open intake sump, closed intake sump and lateral intake sump, adopting with three-turbulence numerical simulation technique. The research work indicates the characteristic of flow in the pump sump and optimization program.An optimize function is put forward based on outer and inner characteristics of the flow in pump sumps. The RNG k-¦Å turbulent model is applied to simulate the turbulent flow of the pump sump. The basic flow field of the sump was accurately predicted. The dimension parameters and the shape of the wall are analyzed to how to influent the hydraulic performance. The recommended dimension parameters and side wall¡¯s shape are presented.A study of numerical simulation for the closed intake sump of pumping station was completed. Benefit from the dust-pan shaped box inlet conduit, the closed intake sump was optimized step by step, based on the basic flow field and the adverse flow pattern. The dimension parameters and sump¡¯s shape are analyzed to how to influent the hydraulic performance. A form of the closed intake sump which has a good flow pattern is presented.The basic characteristic of flow in lateral intake fore bay and sump is analyzed by numerical simulation calculation. The advantages and disadvantages are comparing between the different mechanisms of improving the flow pattern, which is based on the inflow pattern behaviors of those pump sumps. A Confirmatory calculation for a Multi-unit lateral inflow pumping station which is improving the flow pattern by sill rectifier technology was completed. The calculation result show that flow pattern in lateral inflow sump can be improved by reasonable rectification. The improvement of the adverse flow pattern in lateral inflow sump can be benefit from the research.
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