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The Optimization Model of Rubber Balls Cleaning in Condensers of600MW Units Based on Structure Theor

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Tutor: LiYongHua
School: North China Electric Power University
Course: Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Keywords: 600MW units,sponge ball cleaning of condenser,thermoeconomics,structural theory
CLC: TK268
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Condenser is an important part of condensing steam turbine. The equipment failure of condenser, in which the existed of fouling is an important factor, can reduce available efficiency. The sponge bail cleaning device could clear away the scaling and smudginess from heat exchanger of condenser and make them keeping a good heat transfer effect. It is an effective measure for power plant to prevent water pipe corrosion, extend equipment life and save energy. However, in order to get the best heat transfer effect or better in a period of time, power plant adopts the continuous or regular way of operation, which will raise the cost of sponge ball cleaning of condenser and go against energy conservation and emission reduction.In this paper, we study a condenser of600MW thermal power generating units. In order to reduce the coal consumption of power generation, by applying the structural of thermoeconomic theory, the model of thermoeconomics in600MW thermal power generating units is built. Firstly, through the conceptions of failure and obstacle, synthetically considering the kinds of influencing factors of condenser¡¯presssure, the calculation model of fuel effects caused by declined of vacuum is built and the fuel impact of condenser in actual operating conditions is calculated. Secondly, the performance monitoring model for condenser of600MW thermal power generating units is built. The effect of smudginess in heat exchanger on pressure of condenser is decoupled from many effects in condenser and the fuel effect caused by smudginess in heat exchanger is determined. By the actual operating data, the variation of pressure and fuel effect in condenser is calculated. At last, in order to get the lowest costs in operation period of sponge ball cleaning device in condenser, the operating optimizing model of sponge ball cleaning in condenser is constructed and example calculations is performed, which prove the accuracy of the optimization model.
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