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Research on Performance Improvement Methods of Vehicle Cooling Fan with the Low Rotate Speed

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Tutor: WuGang
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Keywords: vehicle cooling fan,optimization,vibration reduction,lower noise
CLC: U464.138.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Based on the research and analysis of the performance,design and manufacture of thecurrent cooling fan, this paper proposed a method to solve the problem about the vibrationof vehicle when the cooling fan operated in a certain rotate speed. This study aim atoptimizing the vehicle cooling fan to ensure the blowing rate and efficiency when therotate speed decreased.This paper combined the numerical simulation and experimental method to propose amore accurate approach to forecast the performance of the air flow condition in thecooling fan. With this method, we improved the design capacity to get a cooling fan withthe better performance and lower noise.In this research, it is found that the optimization of blade¡¯s inlet angle, thedistribution of blade load, chord length and the form of stacking line could influence fan¡¯spressure, efficiency and noise. Synthesized all these factors,we proposed a reasonableoptimization project,made a test sample and did the performance experiments. The resultsof the experiments suggest that the optimization project mainly met the requirements ofimprovement except that shaft power was slightly over normal level. On the basis of thetest data, a more proper optimization scheme was proposed.This research explores the approach to solve the vibration and noise problems ofvehicle cooling fan and lays the foundation of further research of the issues of this sort.
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