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GPRS-based transformer fault diagnosis system

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Tutor: CongWei
School: Shandong University
Course: Electrical Engineering
Keywords: Power System,GPRS,Transformer,Fault Diagnosis
CLC: TM407
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Power transformer is the most important one of the main equipment, with the increasing quality requirements of supply, the transformer¡¯s safety and reliability requirements have become more sophisticated. The complex structure of the transformer and the transformer operation in many remote areas, and the power transformer fault analysis and diagnosis involves a large range, can be classified according to different structures, but also classified according to different circuits can also be classified according to the location of a fault current, transformer is used to detect failure of many methods, such as transformer oil chromatography-line monitoring, core ground current on-line monitoring, capacitive insulation monitoring devices, as well as online partial discharge monitoring. Rely on their own monitoring site operating personnel the power transformer is clearly weak. In recent years, with the continuous development of the communications industry, wireless communication GPRS technology in industrial automation, building automation and control the application of well. Through the introduction of the technology, the formation of GPRS-based transformer fault diagnosis system, before the failure of the transformer, transformer manufacturers and users can remotely with real-time operation of the transformer condition assessment and analysis carried out to estimate the performance characteristics of the transformer and the loss of life, the first time that latent failures within the transformer equipment, and thus prevent failure or in case of failure can be targeted, quick troubleshooting, and reliable operation of the transformer can provide strong protection.In this paper, domestic and international stage, the practical application of the transformer fault diagnosis for the background, from the current transformer fault diagnosis of actual needs and shortcomings of departure, research and development of a GPRS-based transformer fault diagnosis system. Of the overall design of the entire system, at the same time the module is divided, according to the functional design to achieve a transformer oil dissolved gas monitoring, partial discharge monitoring, monitoring of transformer core, transformer insulation monitoring devices such as capacitive main modules, and to achieve remote diagnostics of transformer manufacturers in the production function of the transformer, and finally, the various modules of the system of basic functions, basic properties and electromagnetic compatibility testing to ensure high accuracy measurement system, anti-interference ability, superior performance, making it more good service in the power system.
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