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Simulation and Analysis about Switched Reluctance Generator Power Supply System

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Tutor: RenHongLin
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Electrical Engineering
Keywords: switched reluctance generator,identification,stability,simulation,zero-pole matc
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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As switched reluctance generator (SRG) has simple structure, flexible control, good tolerance capability and strong ability to adapt to poor working conditions, in recent years SRG power supply system have been widely used in some areas such as aviation, ships, automobiles, wind power generation and so on. In this paper, simulation models of a SRG power supply system was established; characteristic of SRG and SRG power syetem¡¯s stability was researched by computer simulation.The identification methods of electric load¡¯s mathematical model were researched detailedly. The mapping relation of z domain variables and the s domain variables was given, and the electric load¡¯s discrete mathematical model was transformed into continuous mathematical model by zero-pole matching. According to networks comprehensive theory, the electric load¡¯s continuous mathematical model can be designed to the equivalent circuit, then we can get load¡¯s simulation model which is necessary to SRG power system¡¯s integrative simulation.SRG¡¯s structure, phase inductance peculiarity, principle, operating characteristics and control methods were analysed. SRG¡¯s simulation model.was established in software MATLAB/ SIMULINK.The comprehensive simulation about SRG power supply system was done in MATLAB software, and the impact of excitation source, open-angle, off-angle, speed and capacitor to output characteristic was researched. The voltage stability of the SRG power supply system was analysed when load had standed small disturbance and big disturbance. The results are significative for popularizing SRG and promoting the stability of the SRG power supply system.
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