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Study on DSP-Based Four-Quadrant Control System of Induction Motor

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Tutor: YangGuiJie
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Electrical Engineering
Keywords: Induction motor,Four-quadrant operation,MRAS
CLC: TM346
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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From the late 60 of last century, induction motor instead of DC motor in the broad areas of industrial applications relying on its high reliability, and the excellent ability to adapt to the conditions. However, the new questions arise with kinds of advanced control strategy being brought up. First, the diode rectifier in the traditional ASDs control system has the inherent shortage such as: current cannot flow bi-directionally, producing harmonic pollution, which restrict the application range of the frequency converter. Moreover, the variety of sensors used in kinds of control strategies will increase the cost and reduce the stability of system.As the development of power electronic technology, especially the bringing forward of PWM rectifier technology, there is the possibility for the four-quadrant operation of induction motor. PWM rectifier can achieve the sinusoidal current of power grid and run in unit power factor, also make the energy bidirectional flow, which make up the deficiencies that diode rectifier has. So the PWM rectifier becomes the inevitable trend of modern rectifier. The thesis bases on the analysis of related literatures, putting forward a new four-quadrant control strategy.Firstly the paper introduces the principle of induction motor four-quadrant operation system, also analyzes the process of four-quadrant operation and the functions of PWM rectifier when the motor is running in different quadrant from the energy point of view. Then put forward the control strategy starting off with the mathematical model of the four quadrant operation system.Then for simplifying the system structure further and reducing the inappropriateness coming from too many sensors, this paper focus on the four quadrant operation system to put forward a proposal which using current bias adjustment method to achieve closed-loop identification of grid EMF, and using mutual model reference adaptive system to identify the rotor speed and stator resistant to reduce the usage of the sensors. Furthermore, the paper designs induction motor four-quadrant operation system simulation model in Matlab, makes simulation testing to the four-quadrant system running both in the PWM controlled and uncontrolled conditions. Through the comparative analysis to the results of simulation testing, we can find the advantages of the four-quadrant operation system designed in the thesis obviously, which also verified the correction of the theory.Finally, based on the DSP2812 of TI Company the thesis builds induction motor four-quadrant operation system hardware platform. It also introduces the main hardware design of electric circuit and the design of software. However, because the limit of test conditions, this paper just make experimental verification about PWM rectifier and induction motor vector control system. Through the result of the experiment we can verify the correction of the theory.
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