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Standing spiral lift pruning feed mechanism research

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Tutor: HuoGuangQing
School: Beijing Forestry University
Course: Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords: Pruning,Attach the bezel Optimization,Helical torsion spring design and check,Fi
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Buck training is an important link in high quality industrial timber forest directed tending and pruning is helpful to improve the quality of industrial timber forest and efficiency. Based on spiral elevating buck pruning machine feeding mechanism, unreasonable problems for connection, limit pin, and torsional spring baffle overall combination of optimized design, mainly done the following several aspects of research: 1, 5 groups with different view of L baffle slot connections, through the experiment measuring each group connection baffle torque needed to overcome the limit pin, and return to the point (x) and torque (y) of the linear equation for y = 3.901 x 428.9. 2: connect to baffle, finite element method is applied to study the stress distribution in the process of the torsional spring action, through the analysis found that all the connections panel stress concentration, the stronger position is on the spacing hole and the fixing hole, so in the practical use of connection baffle material don't have to do too high requirements. 3, according to the experiment measured the torque, calculating connection panel in each group corresponds to the parameters of the torsional spring, checking intensity of torsional spring and the processing and manufacturing. 4, using the virtual instrument technology, detect each group of combination the actual torque, with each group of original connection baffle design need comparison of torque, Angle and taking into account the effect on the stability of the baffle of the connection in the use of the, finally choose the optimal combination.
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