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Research on Processed Surface Roughness of Ram Hole by Fiber Measuring Technology

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Tutor: LiShen
School: Northeastern University
Course: Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords: Coordinate boring machine,surface roughness,fiber,scheme,mathematic model,experi
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Shenyang Machine Tool Group and Equipment Diagnosis Engineering Center of NEU jointly develop multi-position and high-precision coordinate borer. Special boring machine is designed in order to achieve multi-position and high-precision of processing of ram inner bore. Measurement of surface roughness of ram inner bore is important links to improve research and development of the Coordinate boring machine. Based on this research background, this paper attempts to make predictions for the measurement of surface roughness of ram inner bore.This paper summarizes firstly the status quo and achievements of domestic and international present research of surface roughness measurement technique. Selection of measurement direction, sampling length and evaluation length, ascertainment of evaluation parameters are priorities. The paper analys and computes the principle of optic fiber measurement of surface roughness, verifing sensing mechanism, ascertainment of measuring distance, effective width and sampling frequency. They are important parts of fiber-optical style measures principle analysis of surface roughness.The traditional probe instrument can scratch the surface being measured by contacting it. This limits its application. Now, contact-type measurement instrument exists unable shortcoming measuring in line, real time. Under the design condition of small space, in the line and high-accuracy, this paper chooses a scheme, drawing up the style designing fiber-optical surface roughness, designing sensory system, the wave filtering circuit, selecting the data collect card and step-by-step electric motor type on control survey process. System structure is simple, hold out in the line, real time measurement.The data of measuring system output require treatment, this paper built mathematic model. Making use of minor wave alternation to be in progress chirps to part for; carrying out method choice of surface outline center line. For style two curve of measures system output, the parametric demand is taken. By that the scheme choosing the queen, designing of system and founding of mathematic model, the purpose that surface harshness measures can be come true.The offline experiment is used in measuring in this paper, the measurement choosing the harshness carrying out a surface piece appearance the experiment having pertinences. On the grounds of the mathematic model building, the experiment data has been carried out. According to experiment result, verifying the mathematic model correctness. At last, the paper carries out error analysis on to designing system, putting forward the achievement and step further study direction of the paper.
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