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Large range of water cannons Design and Research

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Tutor: ZhangQing
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords: CFD,jet-flow,VOF,fire nozzle
CLC: TU998.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In this dissertation, the main object of research was a long-distance water jet-flow device, and to design a new type of water jet-flow device that can go beyond the manufacture can be seen on the market is the target. The long-distance water jet-flow devices were mostly used during the extinguishing of fire on the high and super-high buildings, with a promising prospect. Meanwhile it could also be used in the anti-terrorist actives and even antimissile actives.To lay down, this dissertation discussed the different parameter of the nozzle, such as diameter of nozzle, velocity of the flow and so on, can bring about how different results. Then the best combination of diameter and velocity which could result in the good effect as well as long distance was chosen, and then with the basic parameters, the shape of nozzle can be decided. In this dissertation, the judgment of the effect of jet-flow was based on the simulate result of Fluent. Finally the 150mm of diameter and 20m/s velocity is the best combination than can make a distance of 140m jet-flow.What¡¯s more, on the base of the result obtained from the simulation, the design of nozzle can be done. Finally, the taper angle to be 14¡ãand the diameter to be the two times of the diameter of the nozzle was decided. Under these parameters, the effect to the water-jet was the best.Moreover, with the data gained from the simulate former the three-dimensional model in the soft-ware pro/E was built. The jet-flow device was designed with a gearing of worm and gear and stepper motor. Then a flow simulate of the fluid state in the pipes was made to make sure the energy losing do not be too much. Then compared with the result of simulate, whether the simulation was right or not can be judged.Finally, according to the momentum law the recoil was calculated, and then the structural simulate was made to estimate whether the strength of structure can meet our need.During the dissertation, just the simulate of fluid and structure was made, although the result of practical production is similar to the simulating result. However there were not any experiments or production manufactured accord to the parameters gotten from the simulating.
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