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Control System Research for a Nano-Material Mixer

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Tutor: LuBoYou
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords: Blender,Torque measurement,Wireless transmission,LabVIEW,DC motor control system
CLC: TP273.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Some polymer solution by stirring, mixing, complex changes occur in the course of the reaction viscosity, in order to make the reaction proceed smoothly, required according to the viscosity change in a timely manner to adjust the stirring speed. In this paper, this process, design a mixer control system, stirred by detecting changes in the viscosity of the solution, automatically adjust the stirring speed of the stirrer, to automate the control process. This article according to the change in viscosity of the solution, the ratio of the load torque and the stirring speed of the stirrer will change this characteristic study. The research method as follows: the load torque and rotational speed of the spindle by the sensor detects a stirrer, and the data transfer to the computer, the use of software processing, the calculated ratio of the torque and speed, to generate a motor control signal as a control amount, through the data acquisition card output by the motor drive circuit to control the rotational speed of the stirrer. The focus of the system design is to accurately measure the shaft in rotation state the torque suffered and torque signal transmission, and the motor stepless automatic speed control. First by a common torque compared to the current detection and motor control method, determining the design program. Selection of strain gauge torque measurement system detects mixer spindle torque signal amplification and signal conditioning amplifier AD623 circuit signal stability. Use microcontroller AT89S52 and ADC0809 A / D converter circuit torque signal after A / D conversion, wireless transmission torque signal leads, and then transmitted to the computer via a serial circuit, torque values ??on LabVIEW program processing. The the mixer speed measuring device detects infrared sensor and MCU AT89S52 spindle speed, the same sent to the computer through the serial port LabVIEW program. Amount as the ratio of the torque and speed control using LabVIEW to write motor control procedures, as the motor drive circuit control signal output by the data acquisition card, realized the speed control of the motor. System innovative virtual instrument technology applied to the detection and control, not only the interface is simple and easy to operate, and the flexibility to control the user via the front panel input control to adjust the relevant parameters, the system can be applied to different conditions. To verify the performance of the system's control after the design is complete, the software and hardware simulation test. The test results show that the torque and speed measurement error, the motor speed control is smooth, and the delay time, running speed, the basic realization of the intended purpose, to meet the requirements of actual use.
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