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Study on Technologies of Manufacturing Feature Extraction and Intelligent Process Decision-Making

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Tutor: ZhongPeiSi
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords: Process decision,Manufacturing features,Pro / E,Backward reasoning,Uncertain rea
CLC: TH162
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The smart technology decision-making technology is traditional CAPP process decisions based on the reasoning in expert system technology, intelligent technology decision-making process knowledge and human experience, aided process planning staff, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making, and be more in line with The actual process scheme. The object-oriented process decision is part of the manufacturing information, including size, accuracy and management information. Characterized by a description of the part design and manufacturing information tools, including design features and manufacturing features, including design features is the basic unit of information such as Pro / E CAD modeling software, manufacturing features is the basic unit to describe the parts manufacturing information. Manufacturing feature extraction technique, by defining manufacturing features, and then design features to manufacturing features to identify, extract manufacturing information directly from the CAD system, and for process decision. In this paper, on the basis of the existing feature extraction process of decision-making technology, the proposed manufacturing feature extraction and intelligent technology decision-making technology and its implementation method for machining process decisions. Analysis of the decision process, the establishment of a system architecture of a system key technologies; study the characteristics of technology, proposed method using manufacturing the characterization parts manufacturing information, through the analysis of the characteristics of the Pro / E model, based on the definition the Pro / E model manufacturing features, the C, and feature identification and extraction methods, feature extraction process, Pro / E secondary development to achieve manufacturing feature extraction; study the rules-based anti- reasoning and based on the credibility of the use of uncertain reasoning and its application in the process decision, proposed integrated backward reasoning and the uncertain reasoning smart technology decision-making technology, the to establish smart technology decision-making process, the proposed smart the realization of the process of decision-making in process route determination process design; process of knowledge acquisition and representation, relational data structure and the production rule representation of process knowledge representation and storage, process knowledge. System security and functional design, the divided system function module. Using the C programming language, the secondary development of Pro / E Pro / Toolkit and VS2005 development tools; using the C # programming language, using VS2008 and SQL Server 2005 development tools, development system software prototypes. The implementation of the various functional modules interface to achieve manufacturing feature extraction and intelligent technology decisions, and achieve unified management of the process of knowledge and information and network sharing.
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