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Distributed Remote Monitor System for Sewer Drainage Based on OPC

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Tutor: ZhaoGuoCai
School: Liaoning Technical University
Course: Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords: Networked Control Systems,OPC Specification,Distributed Control System,Configura
CLC: TP277
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Coal from underground mining out, must first well-precipitation mine water gushing, these discharge of wastewater is called the well-precipitation water. Coal mining enterprises in manufacturing process produces a large number of drainage water. Most of the coal mine is less direct discharge of coal mine, by certain processing after use, which not only make discharging and large amount of water resource wasted, but also on the natural water is causing serious pollution . Fuxin jinshan gangue heat &power Co., LTD. Area coal mining enterprises is numerous, there are a lot of drainage water resources, this enterprise to make full use of the resources development and design the well-precipitation water supply system, namely so satisfied the enterprise production, life need, and avoid the waste of water resources. The water supply system is made of a water treatment plant and four pumping stations composed, where they are scattered, geographical condition is complex, distance Lord factory, straight distance is farther in five kilometers above. Plants need of them through monitoring and management, rely on human monitoring, input and low efficiency, high therefore need to adopt the advanced monitoring ways to improve efficiency. In addition to meet factory production, living water need to water supply system, except the well-precipitation outside, still include chemical adjust pool system, fire-fighting system, industrial and industrial wastewater treatment system, coal-bearing wastewater treatment system, sewage treatment system, cooling system, drainage pool of the pump system and so on many relatively independent water, drainage system, constituted enormous power plant water treatment system, so we should bring the water supply system with existing drainage water treatment systems systematically fusion establishment unify of automatic monitoring system.Aiming at the well-precipitation water data monitoring the geographical condition complex and decentralized strong the characteristics, the use of reliable China mobile GPRS wireless network established business construct distributed monitoring system, aiming at this practical problem, from the theoretical research on stability of delay network control system, the paper analyzes the delay under network environment protect stability control algorithm, use large-scale process automation control system adopted widely OPC specification complete, the development of distributed real-time demand, suitable for system better OPC Server software, the application of this software and configuration software development completed PC system and communication, realizing the well-precipitation water data remote monitoring, and integration of existing water treatment system automation equipment, construct a distributed modernization power plant water treatment monitoring system.
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