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Design and implementation of wireless technology for multi-cylinder pneumatic servo control system

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Tutor: YangPing
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Pneumatic,Servo Control,Zigbee Technology,Modeling,PLC
CLC: TM921.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Pneumatic is developing rapidly in recent years, depended on its advantages of simple structure, low-cost and high reliability. As the continuous progress of automation, pneumatic servo control becomes the requirement in the manufacturing. However, due to some nonlinear factors, such as air compressibility, existing control mode has not acquired ideal control effection. Development of pneumatic servo system which has good control performance, low price, high reliability is a very challenging work and a research hot spot for scholars and engineering technicians.In this thesis, we research the characteristics of nonlinear pneumatic system, establish its accurate dynamic model, choice the control strategy and study the control theory. Meanwhile an intelligent algorithm based on T-S fuzzy neural network is applied to control the position servo pneumatic system.Based of the established control model, a test system is developed for verifying the control algorithm is effective and testing various control performance indicators of system. In this test system, there is not noly a cylinder for the position servo control research, but also eight cylinders to simulate industrial occasion¡¯s distribution with the logic and point-to-point control by PLC. Meanwhile using Zigbee technology to build a wireless sensor network, which is used on information transmiss in the test system, convenient cylinders¡¯layout, reduce wiring and improve system devices¡¯control ability.Firstly, this thesis introduces the research background, the significance and the main content, introduces the fundamental theory and technology: pneumatic technique, pneumatic servo control technology and Zigbee technology. Secondly, designing the overall system, according to the design of the system, establish the system model and research the control theory. Thirdly, building the pneumatic circuit and design and realize hardware and software. Finally, in the established test system, we take a control performance test.The test results show that the test system can done well in position servo control function in pneumatic system, and has good control performance.
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