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The Fault Diagnosis Method of Power Transmission System Using Weight Fuzzy Petri Net

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Tutor: HeZhengYou
School: Southwest Jiaotong University
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Weighted Fuzzy Petri Nets,Transmission grid,Fault Diagnosis,Adaptive,Weight adju
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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With the acceleration of the process of electrification of the society as a whole and the development of the power industry market , people are becoming increasingly dependent on energy . The transmission grid is always part of the power system , undertaking the task of large-capacity power transmission . Therefore , the transmission network security for the entire power grid is crucial . The case of grid failure , especially complex fault or uncertainties , fast fault location , it is particularly important to diagnose faulty components . Petri nets are a graphical modeling tool , and a mathematical theory based on very suitable for the modeling and analysis of discrete event dynamic systems . In recent years, scholars have tried to apply the theory of Petri nets and fuzzy Petri net power system fault diagnosis , but there is inadequate method proposed . Example: changes of the network is difficult to adapt the model there is lack of versatility , and difficult to maintain ; diagnostic errors occur in the fault information missing when the lack of fault tolerance . To increase the versatility of the diagnosis model and fault tolerance for such issues as the research objectives, the weighted fuzzy Petri nets applied to the power grid fault diagnosis . Matrix Reasoning algorithm improvements, in order to improve the rate of diagnosis of the reasoning process ; followed by lines , busbars , transformers were established universal weighted fuzzy Petri net diagnostic model , using probabilistic methods and protection , circuit breaker operation statistics to out of the the detailed initial identification confidence calculation method, so that the initial identification confidence can be represented both the wiring state of the different networks can be described the protection circuit breaker operation uncertainty . Then typical transmission network , for example , on the complexity of the system failure , multiple failures and missing critical information for a more comprehensive simulation results verify the weighted fuzzy Petri net method applied to the superiority of the power grid fault diagnosis and practicality . . Finally, taking into account the various input weights given by the experts' experience is subjective , weak ability to explain the shortcomings , and draw on the idea of adaptive fuzzy Petri nets , the initial introduction of the learning ability of the neural network tries to Weighted Fuzzy Petri Nets , using sample parameters for training, in order to achieve the purpose of adaptive adjustment of weight values ??. By way of example to illustrate the idea of the algorithm .
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