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Design of Data Acquisition System for Hybrid Optical Current Transformer

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Tutor: FangChunEn
School: West China University
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Electric Transformer,Data acquisition,Analog - to - digital conversion,CPLD
CLC: TM452
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Current transformers for power system control, protection and measurement equipment, has an important impact on the accuracy and reliability of the power system safe, reliable and stable operation. With the continuous development of the power system put a higher demand on the current transformer, conventional electromagnetic current transformers in operation exposed a series of serious shortcomings, it is difficult to meet the digitized power plant requirements. Therefore, the new electronic current transformers to replace the traditional electromagnetic current transformers become the inevitable trend of development, the photoelectric current transformer has a good safety performance, low-cost manufacturing, high running accuracy, small size, light weight and low maintenance costs etc., has become a hot research at home and abroad. This paper outlines the basic structure and working principle of the domestic and international electronic transformer current research and electronic transformers. On this basis, considering the cost, reliability, accuracy and practicability designed hybrid-type optical current transformer data acquisition system, including the hardware design of the signal processing section, a digital conversion unit and the optical fiber transmission unit design. The hardware design of the signal processing section, mainly comprising the integral of the signal, filtering, polarity conversion section, according to the need of low power consumption in the system corresponding to the chip selection of each function of the system of the first part in OrCAD / PSpice signal simulation meet the design requirements for debugging, which found that the improved circuit design. Digital conversion unit by Quartus ¢ò software platform designed using Verilog HDL hardware description language, mainly including sequence detection, A / D sampling control, CRC checksum Asynchronous Receiver function module. 16 micro-power, high-speed A / D chip ADS8325 as the A / D converter, and guarantees the accuracy of the data acquisition, real-time and low power consumption of the system; using low-power, low-cost, high-performance MAX ¢ò design EPM1270 chip series control devices to reduce the power consumption of the system to improve the performance of the controller; by the fiber-optic signal transmission between the high and low side, the electrical isolation between the high and low pressure, to design a low-power optical fiber transmitter drive circuit. The test of this laboratory (intelligent High Voltage Apparatus Research) system of independent research and development of optoelectronic transformer calibrator designed in this paper, given the test results and error analysis. Finally a summary of the full text of the work done by proposed pending further study and resolve the problem.
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