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Research on the Modeling and Simulation of Floating Dock Systems

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Tutor: TanYue WangNing
School: Dalian Maritime University
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Floating dock,Penalty function,Computer Simulation,MATLAB
CLC: U673.332
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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This topic comes from a 80,000 tons floating dock under construction automatic control design project for one of the project sub-topics. Research floating dock ups and downs of the system modeling and simulation for the project is to provide a theoretical basis for software support. The floating dock is an important tool for large shipbuilding industry, its salient features can maneuver close for repairs of the ship. The ups and downs the efficiency and reliability of the system is the key factor in whether floating dock to the successful completion of the job requirements. Traditional floating dock ups and downs of the system to manually control, the workers operating experience and professionalism demanding, and inefficient, error is large, there are a lot of disadvantages. With the rapid development of computer and automatic control technology, automatic control of the floating dock design has become an inevitable trend. Enrich and reinforce the system of floating docks ups and downs of research results, the paper focuses on the modeling and simulation of the system of the ups and downs of the floating dock, launched a more in-depth research. Furthermore, were studied optimization model for regulating the amount of water optimization model and adjust the time and proposed diversion program optimization. Finally, its simulation study using MATLAB, the results show that the resulting diversion program to meet the design requirements of the floating dock. Provide an effective method for the automatic control of the floating dock. Specific research work includes: First, calculate the parameters of the floating dock floating state: trim, vertical and horizontal inclination, hydrostatic curves, etc., which focus on the calculation method of hydrostatic curves. Then use the floating state parameters and physical balance principle to establish the model of the floating dock loading ballast water tanks, then the use of the penalty function method to solve the model to regulate water ballast water tanks. Secondly, a lot of the floating dock by Hulk transformation from irregular shape of these floating dock dock arrangement of ballast water tanks do not follow the law, simply solve the model a heavy workload, complex procedures more difficult. To solve the above problems, the paper-based loading model, were established to adjust the amount of water optimization model and adjust the time optimization model. Furthermore, each water ballast tanks to adjust the amount of water and the valve opening time by solving the resulting optimization model to determine the adjustment program. Finally, to 80,000 tons a floating dock for example programming in MATLAB environment optimization model simulation study. The simulation results show that the water transfer schemes to solve the optimization model results meet the design requirements of the floating dock.
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