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The Design on Wireless Hydrological Telemetry Terminal

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Tutor: ZhouLaWu
School: Hunan University
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Hydrological telemetry,data sampling,GPRS,Power management
CLC: TP873
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Hydrological telemetry is an automatic system of hydrological monitor to meet request to flood control and drought relief command system. Hydrological monitoring is across large geographical. And monitoring operating points scattered in the wild, bad environment, unattended equipment. In the flood season, the high speed communication and communication is demanded. Traditional communication of Hydrological telemetry system cannot meet the demand of water information and flood control and drought. According to the status of hydrological information sampling and GPRS net characteristic, the scheme of hydrological information sample terminal system based on GPRS is put forward.The design basis and principles of hydrological telemetry terminal is introduced in this thesis at first. The design elements, external structure demand and performance indicators is put forward according to function of hydrological telemetry terminal.In this thesis, the hydrological telemetry terminal is composed by Hydrological data sensor module, wireless communication module, power supply module and main controller module. These modules is designed through the whole system research and detailed study. The hardware of main controller module is designed centered on SST89V554RC. And the combination of each module is achieved by external circuit design. The software is designed modular using Keil as platform to achieve the targeting of hydrological telemetry communications and multi-functional terminal. The function like sampling, processing, storing and transmission of hydrological data is realized. For the power supply characteristics of hydrological telemetry terminal, the power-saving mode is focused on in power supply module. The power management method of supply division and the mixed working mode of interrupted activation-timesharing is put forward. The reliable work is ensured maximum.In this thesis, the system of wireless hydrological data transferring based on GPRS is designed. It helps to improve efficiency and effectiveness, wide-area and the convenience of hydrological signal sampling and provide technical support of realization unattended hydrometric station.
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