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Research on Application of Fiber Dual-ring Network in Floating Dock Lifting Control System

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Tutor: TanYue LiXiao
School: Dalian Maritime University
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Floating dock,Ups and downs control,Redundant design,PLC,PROFIBUS-DP
CLC: U673.332
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Floating docks in the the modern repair shipbuilding industry applications more widely , and the ups and downs of the floating dock system is an important indicator to measure the degree of automation of a dock , fuzzy control , intelligent control technology applied to the ups and downs of the floating dock dock of the control system to improve the working efficiency is important. At the same time, the fiber - optic network and redundant network is used to the the floating dock ups and downs of control system communications network , but also has great significance for improving the stability of the floating dock work . The main subject of a control system built floating dock pre-research smart ups and downs , the core of its control Siemens S7-400H series PLC communication network using three industrial network . Automatic control software features , the system can achieve the central control room of the ups and downs of the operation of the floating dock , central control room manual control , the Field manual control are three forms of control . Central control room , automatic control can be achieved circulating water test floating dock , sinking , of floating operations such as the intelligent control , can greatly reduce the operating staff strength . The system from both hardware and software , adding a redundant design . On the hardware side , added a double-loop network structure , the various components of the system to achieve hot standby redundancy , online detection of faulty devices can be achieved without downtime , online switching and line maintenance . Joined the fiber-optic network , which greatly improves the system 's anti-interference ability . On the software side , by the addition of redundant functional blocks to complete system software redundancy program , making it effective support and complement of hardware redundancy . The system is completed in the school's PLC laboratory simulation of the hardware , the parameters have reached the design requirements , especially outstanding reliability , the system can be easily ported to different hardware environment , Smart ups and downs of the floating dock control the development of the system has a certain role .
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