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Research on Speed Sensorless Vector Control of Asynchronous Motor

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Tutor: YangXinHua
School: Lanzhou University of Technology
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Three-level,Vector control,Midpoint balance problems,No speed sensor,Space vecto
CLC: TM343.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Stator flux oriented vector control not only avoid the rotor parameters to improve the robustness of the system , but also overcome the direct torque (DTC) bang - bang control system low-speed performance , torque control continuous , smooth . Tri- level inverter output harmonic is less conducive to the realization of the sinusoidal output voltage , and a small tube to withstand the maximum voltage of a single switch , suited to the direction of the high-voltage large-capacity development . Therefore , the subject of the induction motor speed control system based on the three - level inverter conducted stator flux oriented vector control research . In -depth study of the classical vector control theory based on deduced induction motor stator flux oriented vector control basic equation for the component and torque component of the stator current excitation is not completely decoupled , find a decoupling method. Integrator with improved observation stator flux , thereby eliminating the initial value problem and the DC offset problems ; the stator resistance Observer again check the stator flux observation , stator flux at low speed is reduced the observed error. The simulation results show the feasibility and accuracy of the proposed method . A voltage balance control method based on hysteresis control to solve the tri- level topology midpoint potential imbalances . The method is based on different combinations of load current direction , by adjusting the redundancy status and duration of action of the small vector and fully taken into account in vector midpoint balance , dynamic adjustment of the voltage on the two capacitors . This method is good control midpoint voltage , the rationality and feasibility of the control method is verified by simulation . The paper described in the level of the inverter main circuit , and DSP-based design of a set of small-capacity three - level inverter experimental apparatus . This paper introduces a three - level no speed sensorless vector control algorithm and software design .
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