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Automatic Passing over Neutral Section Device of Locomotive and Its Reliability Tolerance Design

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Tutor: WangShuJuan TaoZuoYuan
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Passing Over Neutral Section,Reliability,Tolerance Design
CLC: U264
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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In electric railway, power supply mode is single-phase alternating current. In order to keep balance of electric power system and enhance the utilization ratio of electric power network, the electric locomotive should switch phase in different sections of the railway. Manually controlled method of passing over neutral section has been used in the traditional lines, which is not fit for the development of the electric railway due to its various hidden problems. Consequently, an automatic passing over neutral section device for locomotive is designed in this paper. In order to perform up to the reliability requirement of railway standards, to enhance device¡¯s stability and to decrease cost, the automatic passing over neutral section device is tolerance designed.According to the method of Automatic Control On-Board, the general design of the automatic passing over neutral section device is accomplished. To decrease cost, a method of obtaining signal from LKJ2000 and GPS instead of the traditional one obtaining signal from magnets is given. To enhance device¡¯s reliability, the PLC and hybrid relay module are used to control the locomotive.The software system consists of two parts, which are MCU program and PLC program. Using modular programming method, the MCU program is realized by language C, and the PLC program is realized by ladder diagram.The reliability and stability requirement of the device is very strict due to its particular and harsh working environment, so the reliability tolerance design is required. Based on extensive study of the traditional method of tolerance design, EDA technology, experiment design technology and regression analysis technology are led into tolerance design process to improve the traditional method. A method of tolerance distribution based on uniform experiment, a method of tolerance analysis based on stress-strength interference model and a selection method of tolerance distribution projects based on regression analysis are proposed in this paper. The validity of the improved tolerance design method is verified by an example.The automatic passing over neutral section device is reliability tolerance designed by the improved method. During the design process, the key components and their tolerance are given, and the confidence level of each module is calculated. At last, environmental resistance test and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) test are given, and the test results indicate that through tolerance design, the automatic passing over neutral section device could work safely, stably and reliably in the railway environment.
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