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Color image digital watermarking technology research

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Tutor: NingZuo
School: Guizhou University
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Digital watermarking,Watermarking,Discrete cosine transform
CLC: TP309.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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With the development of modern technology , the advantages of the Internet with its fast and efficient replaces many of the traditional media distribution channels , high-quality digital recording equipment, the increasing number of information products the risk of piracy increase sharply , which makes information products security has become a growing concern goals. People can easily access a variety of information on the Internet , thus infringing on the multimedia works also will be easier, illegal copying , tampering is also more convenient, harm the interests of authors and copyright holders . How to effectively protect the copyright of multimedia information field of information security became a hot issue . As an important branch of information hiding - digital watermark in copyright protection has played an important role. In recent years, especially the color image digital watermarking digital watermark in the international community has aroused great interest and attention , has been widely studied and applied. In this paper, digital still images as the research object, based on the image processing theory and watermarking technologies starting their own characteristics , to meet the principle of human vision model by theoretical and experimental evidence to find a suitable resist geometric attacks in image watermarking theory and technology, based on this proposed a DCT domain color image watermarking algorithm . The first image channel separation , then the meaningful binary watermark embedding channel separated luminance channel of a color image , and then the channel synthesized color image watermark embedding and detection of the watermark of the public .
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