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Research on A New Interleaved Boost Power Factor Correction Converter

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Tutor: WeiLi
School: Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords: Power factor correction,Interleaving parallel,UC3854A,Switching power supply
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the development of the power electronics technique, for reforming the input current waveforms and improving the power factor¡£AC/DC Power Supply,in order to compliance with harmonic regulation and realize low-cost,high-Performance,the power factor techniques have gained much attention these years,especial in low Power applications¡£The text studied emphatically the control technology of the PFC module. The operation principle of Boost PFC converter was analyzed; and the emulation model of Boost PFC model under the average current control was set up.Firstly,after a brief introduction of research background and review of Present PCF techniques,the research Purpose and content are given.The paper summarizes the passive PFC approach and the active two-stage PFC approach and the active single-stage PFC approach are analyzed and compared. and analyses the scope of application and the virtues and defects. On the labor basis, a novel interleaving parallel single stage power factor correction circuit is proposed. The circuit apply the interleaving parallel technique and could depress the switching frequency, the current ripple and the stress on the power device. This circuit not only realizes the power factor correction but also adjusts the output voltage at the same time.In order to further reduce the losses, three soft switching topologies for interleaved Boost PFC are analyzed in this paper. On this basis, an interleaved boost converter with coupled inductors is used as the main circuit topology, which has the advantages of operating in both continuous current mode(CCM)and discontinuous current mode(DCM).By using this topology, zero reverse-recovery loss of boost diodes and zero current turn-on of switches can be achieved, and also current sharing between the two cells of the converter can be achieved automatically even in the presence of duty cycle mismatch, resulting in higher efficiency and lower costs. In this paper, the control scheme uses average current control method and through frequency dividing circuit to achieve interleaving control.All the design rules of the modules above have been introduced in detail. The system experiment is performed and the experimental result is given. The experimental result proves that the shunt PFC system can achieve excellent PFC effect.
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