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Preliminary Research on Flow Characteristic of Transonic Wind Tunnel Slotted Test Section

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Tutor: LiaoDaXiong
School: China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center
Course: Aircraft design
Keywords: Transonic wind tunnel,The test section of the tank wall,Flow field uniformity,Nu
CLC: V211.74
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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The many aerospace aerodynamic design model transonic wind tunnel tests. Transonic transonic wind tunnel airflow has four main issues: the solution to the clogging of the wind tunnel; uniform low supersonic flow; reduce or eliminate subsonic wall interference; reduce or eliminate the impact of the shock wave reflection. How to solve these four issues is the key to get a good quality of the flow field. Domestic transonic wind tunnel basically productive opening wall transonic test section. The American the Langley 8Foot wind tunnel and Europe ETW wind tunnel are slotted wall transonic test section, regardless of the flow field uniformity, turbulence intensity, Reynolds number or noise indicators are world class. \the deficiency has become a bottleneck restricting the development of independent innovation of China's development of advanced aircraft and aerospace industry. Therefore, it is very necessary to study the transonic test section of the tank wall, to do the design work for the next-generation transonic wind tunnel technology reserves. The CFD technology development makes the numerical simulation to become one of the effective ways to all kinds of mobile research. In order to accurately describe the flow characteristics, the numerical simulation method need to solve the problem. Calculated both the grid and the number turbulence model, accuracy or solving methods, require prior comparison and theoretical research or experimental research to determine its reliability, minimum guarantee its simulation results and physical differences. In the introduction, we introduced the research background on the problem of transonic wind tunnel test section of the tank wall, mainly on the groove wall flow research status and research method described Finally this article job. In the second chapter, we begin by reviewing a computational fluid dynamics three main characteristics of each of the discrete format and the comparison between the difference scheme selected in this article. Through the introduction of Fluent, allowing readers to have a preliminary understanding of this calculation tools. The control of the flow field equations described With the theoretical basis for the analysis of the flow mechanism. And numerical simulation of turbulence, the simulation results is an important influencing factors in the selection of the turbulence model, to finalize the choice of the solver. In the third chapter, we based software tools such as Autocad and SolidWorks, the establishment of the simulation of three-dimensional geometric model of the object, in particular, a detailed description of two different groove. Then use Gridgen meshing geometric model. Finally, the simulation of the initial and boundary conditions are described. In the fourth chapter, we study how much amount of computational grid and select what turbulence model is described in detail. Compared and analyzed the results of the flow field of a different order of magnitude of the number of computational grid of 0.67 million, 1.07 million and 1.60 1,003,000 1.07 million grid able to get the right calculation accuracy, as well as more less calculation spending. Suitable for this study of four turbulence models Skw, Sstkw, SA and Ske existing literature test results were compared to determine Skw turbulence model. In the fifth chapter, we study the flow field in the test section of the a different groove wall siding. ETW and Langley 8Foot, two slotted test section Mach number of 0.9 and 1.1 two conditions for a comparative study, found that the the ETW Groove overall flow field uniformity better than 8Foot Groove. ETW the Groove's different slotted number of different open and close than the, different siding angles and the different exhaust volume conducted comparative studies, the analysis of the various parameters of the flow field uniformity. Finally, low supersonic flow (M = 1.6) when the the groove wall becomes solid wall level convection field uniformity also carried out a preliminary study. Finally, in the concluding remarks, the work of the existing review, pointed out the shortcomings and future research directions.
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