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Nonlinear Progressive Failure Analysis of Thick Composite Laminate under Biaxial Load

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Tutor: WangHai ChenXiuHua
School: Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course: Aircraft design
Keywords: Nonlinear constitutive,Thick plate theory,Stiffness reduction,Progressive failur
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The fiber-reinforced composite materials because of its excellent performance , widely used in the aerospace field , the site of application from the sub -bearing structure transition to the main load-bearing structure , and thus the member of the thickness of the composite laminate sheet development to the plate classical laminated plate theory for thick plate structure and slabs field NA , and also in the process of applying thick plate material nonlinear problems exist and how to solve this problem effectively has become the key to the application of the slab . This paper first reviews the domestic and foreign scholars in the use of composite process and the core issue - the intensity of the problem needs to undergo four stages , constitutive model , stress calculations , failure criteria and stiffness reduction research and the results achieved , analysis characteristics and inadequacies of some commonly used methods , and ultimately determine a nonlinear one-way with a constitutive relationship with laminated strip gauge theory , to biaxial progressive incremental step iterative method of composite thick laminates failure analysis method. 3D Hashin failure criteria failure criterion for a single plate , when one or more layers in the laminate failure is detected , the failure layer stiffness reduction and incremental process , keep the stiffness matrix . Finite element software MSC.Patran own programming language PCL, the preparation of a calculation program . Application of the program examples for different materials and different overlay laminate nonlinear stiffness , given different ply material combination of the lower platen stress-strain curves under different load than showing the laminate changes in the relationship between stress and strain in the process of progressive failure unidirectional tape of different materials and different overlay laminate example nonlinear progressive failure analysis, given the lower platen initial ply material combinations start failure and ultimate failure strength envelope shows the progressive failure of the laminate process of great significance to further understanding of the composite laminate failure process and failure mechanisms , but also for the composite slab stiffness changes in the failure analysis process to provide a theoretical The calculation is based on .
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