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Research on the Test Technology of Dynamic Derivatives of ¦µ3.2 M Low Speed Wind Tunnel

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Tutor: SunHaiSheng
School: China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center
Course: Aircraft design
Keywords: Low speed wind tunnel,Dynamic derivatives,Single degree of freedom oscillation,V
CLC: V211.74
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Dynamic derivative aircraft design and motion analysis (including the stall maneuver flight and spin analysis ) important parameter required is also important aerodynamic data for flight control law design and aircraft dynamic flying qualities research . In this paper, the ¦µ3.2 m low-speed wind tunnel pitching and yaw / roll oscillation SDOF dynamic derivative test technology . Mainly to carry out the work as follows : a need for this research by the master derivative status quo and further elaborated in the relevant literature research moving and flexibility? Damping characteristics and the aircraft small perturbation equations dynamic derivatives extraction equation . Second, the configuration of the hardware required by the data acquisition system of dynamic derivative studies, and the data processing based on various mathematical transform dynamic derivative , and finally the calculation method of a variety of dynamic derivative were compared . Demonstrated and selected agencies pitching complete Pitching and yaw / roll oscillation sets the device 's mechanical design and motion control part of the design , the use of virtual prototyping technology . Complete sets of institutions debugging . Using developed pitching means ¦µ3.2 m low speed wind tunnel , wind tunnel verification test , and the obtained data were analyzed. The results show that : the reasonable value of the device test data , accurate and has the ability to measure dynamic derivatives .
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