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Flutter Analysis of Unsteady Transonic Wing

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Tutor: ZhangJiFa ZhengYao
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Aircraft design
Keywords: Flutter analysis,AGARD 445.6 WING,PK method,Double-Lattice Method,Computational
CLC: V215.34
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In this paper, a study of flutter characteristics for AGARD 445.6 standard wing model was presented compared with experimental data under various conditions. After reading the literature, the engineering methods of aeroelastic analysis of wing were summarized.AGARD 445.6 standard wing structure model was built in MSC.NASTRAN. Natural frequencies and modes were calculated. The results were better in accord with experimental data compared with the results of Kolonay¡¯s and Li¡¯s.The flutter velocities and flutter frequencies of AGARD 445.6 wing were computed by two different methods in eight groups of Mach and aerodynamic density: KE method and PK method. Advantages and disadvantages of these two methods were compared in calculating this problem. Flutter velocity and frequency characteristics curves of PK method showed that the computing AGARD445.6 wing flutter results validate the physical law of a typical transonic flutter "dip" with the bottom near the domain which Mach number is 1.The thesis also calculated the flutter characteristics of AGARD 445.6 wing by Fluent and Edge program, and also demonstrated the transonic flutter "dip" characteristics of the wing. Compared the numerical results from Fluent and Edge with the aforementioned DLM theory, it showed that Edge>DLM>Fluent.
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