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The Aerodynamic Design of Seamless High-lift System Based on Circulation Control Technology

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Tutor: WangFuXin
School: Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course: Aircraft design
Keywords: CFD,circulation control,seamless high-lift design,variable camber,MIGA
CLC: V224.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The seamless high-lift technology is a rising direction which is adapted to the environmental requirements currently. This dissertation presents numerical simulation and optimization on the aerodynamic performance of seamless high-lift device, and the relavent parameters includes the chord and the deflect angle of leading edge and trailing edge,the height of jet nozzle, jet momentum coefficient.The CFD fundamental theory and relevent conceptions of optimization algorithm are introduced firstly. For improving the CFD process efficency, a secondary-develop program is bulit to the CFD software, based on VBS script language. The accuracy of CFD is identified through NACA0012 and MD-30P30N calculation. This paper also builds a clean airfoil based on MD-30P30N multi-element airfoil, then with the software of FLUENT, do research on seamless deflection at leading and trailing edge, including parameters of deflection chord and angle, and the Clmax increased from 1.716 to 2.5. To eliminate the trailing edge flow separation at high attack angle, Circulation control technology (active jet at trailing) is adopted and the momentum coefficient and nozzle height are studied meanwhile.The results indicate that jet supply energy to the boundary layer, which improve the trailing flow effectively, and increase circulation around the airfoil. At last with the multi-discipline optimization software of ISIGHT, the multi-parameter optimization is carried out based on the optimized Krigging Surrogate model, in which the Multi-island genetic algorithm is adopted. The results show that Clmax could reach 4.399 at the optimized point, which means an equivalent high-lift capability is achieved compared with MD-30P30N. According to the two-dimensional seamless high-lift system design and optimization method, based on a quasi-3D SCCH (Swept Constant Chord Half-model) model,a two-dimensional seamless high-lift airfoil is built and optimized,and a quasi-3D seamless SCCH model is further built. The aerodynamic characteristics are analyzed, the results show that this high-lift system design has effectiveness at quasi-3D level.
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