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Probability Analysis of Loess Seismic Subsidence Based on Fuzzy Processing of the Parameter Rank Div

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Tutor: LiuZengRong
School: Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course: Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords: Loess,Seismic subsidence,Ground motion parameters,Statistical relationship,Proba
CLC: TU435
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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China is a country of earthquakes occur frequently , many strong earthquakes have occurred in the history of the disaster caused by the earthquake in a very prominent position in a variety of natural disasters . Midwest loess region in China , several earthquakes have also occurred , and the previous strong earthquake caused severe earthquake landslide , seismic subsidence and liquefaction and other the loess earthquake disaster . History Magnitude little , but loess seismic subsidence the meizoseismal generated a large amount of damage instance . Thus, in order to prevent the disaster of the earthquake trap , we need to predict risk seismic subsidence of loess region . Currently , our forecast of seismic subsidence of loess areas , usually layered summation ideas proposed the seismic subsidence estimation method and means of finite element numerical analysis method of seismic subsidence prediction method . However, these two methods are deterministic , does not reflect the randomness of the earthquake . Therefore , we can consider the introduction of probabilistic seismic hazard analysis method seismic subsidence calculations , consider seismic subsidence prediction process by analyzing the relationship between seismic subsidence and earthquakes , seismic factors , and then come the loess areas to consider earthquake random sex seismic subsidence prediction methods . This paper focuses on this problem , do the following: ( 1) briefly discusses the region of loess seismic subsidence disasters, as well as on the basis of the research method of seismic subsidence disasters for probabilistic seismic hazard is introduced in the loess region in China 's earthquake the subsidence hazard analysis point of view ; (2) select ground motion parameters used in this study work for the the seismic subsidence disaster and related to vibration of the statistical relationship between the parameters are discussed ; (3) of the peak ground acceleration and earthquake subsidence the randomness analysis of the index and its grading fuzzy processing , and seismic subsidence index factor on the basis of the classification process , the establishment of the loess seismic subsidence disasters fuzzy probability analysis model , the model takes into account the uncertainty of the impact factors more , making the the seismic subsidence disaster forecast results better reflect the reality , according to the predictions of the model results and the related technology can also seismic subsidence of loess region disaster overall zoning and draw out the zoning map , this the work has important practical significance for earthquake-proof .
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