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Experiment Study on Dynamic Property of Sand in Shenyang No.2 Subway

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Tutor: ShaChengMan
School: Northeastern University
Course: Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords: backbone curve,dynamic modulus,damping ratio,dynamic strength
CLC: TU411
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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With the development of urbanization, most of domestic cities are being confronted with traffic problem more and more seriously. Subways are built in some big cities, in order to ease the problem. The construction promotes the development of urban construction and economy. While another issue about earthquake-resistance and design stand out with the subway explosion. Meanwhile, our country¡¯s research on earthquake-resistance is quite weak:Firstly, we do not know much about earthquake respond of subway tunnel structure; Secondly, the simply analysis and design method about earthquake-resistance are not perfect. As a result, the research on subway earthquake respond and stability has great actual value.The article researches the performance of sand of Youth Street station of No.2 metro line of Shenyang by dynamic tri-axial test. It completes mainly the content as follows:(1) Testing dynamic modulus and damping ratio of unsaturated soil. Carry some sand samples from subway tunnel, study stress-strain curve by testing them at different conditions (water ratio, density, concretion ration) and then get the backbone curve, analyze them using MATLAB, get dynamic modulus and damping ratio, and analyze factors which influence dynamic modulus and damping ratio.(2) Testing dynamic strength of unsaturated soil. The strain would increase greatly when it suffers from heavy dynamic load or last long time, the article evaluates two dynamic shear-resistance parameters of dynamic strength of unsaturated soil:cd and¦Õd.(3) Testing dynamic property of saturated soil. Calculate dynamic modulus and damping ratio of unsaturated soil, compared with those of unsaturated soil and analyze them; the article also analyze dynamic property mechanism of saturated soil and unsaturated soil.
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