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Study on Subsoil Settlement and Numerical Simulation of Eolian in West LiaoNing

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Tutor: ZhangXiangDong
School: Liaoning Technical University
Course: Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords: subsoil settlement,eolian,experiment,regression analysis,simulation
CLC: U213.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Long-term traffic is bound to bring a greater accumulated plastic deformation with the growing masses,the improving speed and the increasing train density. The train vibration caused by long-term vibration trapped also become very serious. Therefore, it is urgently needed to further research roadbed vibration.This paper refer for related research on high-speed trains dynamic loads to environment in both at home and abroad, the former methods summarized, the existent problems analysed by the numbers, and advanced concepts absorbed.We mainly study on subsoil settlement high-speed trains of eolian in west LiaoNing and take its undisturbed,basic physics and mechanics parameters of eolian are obtained through indoor conventional geotechnical experimental. The stress-strain relationship long with sine load through dynamic triaxial exerteding on original eolian is determined, and elastic modulus and dynamic shear modulus changes with consolidation pressure concluded.Through dynamic strength test results comparing with direct shear tests, consider train cycle load as well as dynamic strength and static load under the action of the dynamic strength relationship. Finally, according to the test results, the high-speed trains regression analysis for settlement amount is made, and the prediction methods of settlement are obtained.The scanning electrometry microscopy test of vibration eolian before and after is made. the change of microstructure and vibration trapped mechanism from microcosmic angle is researched.Subsoil subgrade numerical simulation under the train vibration load based on Midas software is made, we get the relationship between settlement amount and parameters through parameters adjustment in the simulation process.Finally the roadbed ant-vibration design and roadbed isolation measures are proposed, and unified design method is obtained.The managements of subsidence caused by vibration were discussed with corresponding treatment.
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