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The Construction Monitoring and Deformation Control and Analysis of the Box Culvert Jacking of the Y

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Tutor: FuMingFu LiJianHua
School: Nanchang University
Course: Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords: box culver jacking,deformation control,construction monitoring,informative const
CLC: U449.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Box culvert jacking has become an important construction beneath the existing line.lt has been wilding promoted and applied for its unique advantages such as efficient,fast and self-energy. Deformation control of construction the and safe operation of the existing line are priority issues in engineering design and construction.The existing experience in engineering can not be applied without any change for specific project¡¯s unique characteristics such as hydrological and geological conditions,route conditions and environmental requirements of different duration. So there are a lot of room for improvement in construction technology.Base on Youquan road across the culvert of Shanghai-Kunming railway in Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province, this paper does a systematic study of construction of key technologies of long-span box culver jacking by means of analytical equation, numerical simulation, engineering calculations and site measurement, specifically include the following:(1) Based on the results of prevention studies and the index of the project,such as safety,quality,duration and cost target,this paper gives a systematic study of key technologies of long-span box culvert in Youquan road beneath Shanghai-Kunming railway.(2) Manual and automated monitoring technology were used in monitoring settlement and deformation of the existing railway.Through collected data to adjust the design,back to the construction,it will make the design more rational and tuly informative construction.Measured data show that the safety of staff and railway operations can be ensure when the settlement of existing railway reinforced by Will beam-Tie beam-Pile is no more than 4 mm.(3)With the project engineering geology,hydrogeology characteristics and busy condition of existing transportation lines, this paper does a systematic study of the law of settlement deformation of reinforced line by means of analytical equation. Come to the vibration of moving loads and the effects of disturbance should be give priority to prevention and control in the similar projects,and do a theoretical calculation of the settlement caused by the moving load in the projece.(4) Simulating conditions by ABAQUS software,this paper analyze for changes of the surrounding environment caused by box culvert jacking, and monitoring data and software simulation results compared. Measured data is perfect consistent with calculated settlement deformation, so it show that the complete technique is feasible in compulation and effective in practice, and it can be used in similar project.
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