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Research on Safety Evaluation of Existing Bridge Based on Load Test

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Tutor: JiangCangRu
School: Wuhan University of Technology
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Load test,Apparent detection,Existing bridges,Finite Element
CLC: U446.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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In recent decades, with advances in technology, the development of the bridge structure has also made remarkable achievements, the bridge pilot study theory to solve the problem in the production practice has played an important role for the promotion and development of the design of the bridge structure. In order to ensure the normal use of the large number of existing bridges, bridge load test to test the state of its carrying capacity and structural characteristics to meet the design standards and requirements. In this paper, Ezhou City Lakeside Bridge load tests and theoretical calculations related research. The master bridge test methods is a prerequisite for the success of the load test on the bridge static, dynamic load test method for in-depth study. Static Load Test, made a more detailed description of the static load test program, including test object selection, load case design, test point arrangement selection and the establishment of the principle of the test load and load methods, and the test data processing and assessed for indicators of the narrative; conventionally powered test project on the bridge in the dynamic load test method is introduced, given the actual bridge dynamic load test most commonly used method of loading on the bridge dynamic response of dynamic characteristics of assessment indicators introduction and summary. The introduction of the actual project overview, according to the content of bridge inspection requirements, which bridge the apparent detection of static and dynamic load test, comprehensive assessment of whether the the security carrying capacity of the structure to meet the design standards and requirements. The apparent detection for each component without damage, cracking, deformation, seepage, corrosion of exposed tendons, blockage of stagnant water phenomenon has carried out a detailed inspection, mapping out its specific location and scope; addition of the structure linear and elevation measurements. According to the characteristics of the continuous rigid frame bridge, the study developed a detailed static and dynamic load test program. Static loads obtained in the cross-side span maximum strain and deflection of the control section, and the rigid frame Pier Top beam near maximum negative moment control section strain measurement. Finite element software MIDAS detection bridge modeling analysis and calculation, to be compared with the measured test data analysis, to make assessment of the state of the actual carrying capacity of the bridge. Dynamic load test, the bridge structure in the dynamic response of the signal pulse, jumping and speed conditions were collected to calculate the natural frequency of the structure, the coefficient of damping ratio and speed of impact. Bridge static and dynamic load test study showed that the overall structure largely intact in Lakeside Bridge, meet the requirements of safety performance. The apparent test results show that the bridge deck pavement wear is more serious, the structure of many cracks, expansion joints has been basically loss of function, affect the safety and durability of the structure must be as soon as possible. Maintenance of this bridge reinforcement results of this study provide a guiding opinions after similar bridges detection has great reference value.
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