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The Damage Identification Method Based on Frequency

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Tutor: TongLiPing CaoYuan
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Damage Identification,Frequency,Vibration mode,Fuzzy Recognition,Damage location
CLC: TU317
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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To the large, modern engineering structures are complicated , automated , continuous direction , the operation of the structure of a complex service environment security is threatened . To ensure safety, avoid disaster , real-time , online , accurate structural damage identification by the attention of the majority of scholars, engineers and technicians . Damage identification method based on the dynamic characteristics the damage identification workload , no damage , and therefore referred to as the main direction of the development of damage identification . With further research , many new mathematical methods were introduced to the damage identification . Damage identification based on dynamic characteristics based on the quality of engineering structures , the changes in stiffness caused by the dynamic characteristics (modal frequencies, mode shapes ) change . Charpy based on a new damage identification method based on structural dynamic characteristics . This method requires only measured after the first order natural frequency of the structural damage can be simple and effective to determine the structural damage location from the root to avoid complicated project testing process . The method uses a lossless model frequencies and mode shapes , thus increasing the accuracy, practicality and effectiveness of the method . In the method of the calculation process , a reflection on the practical experience gained in the actual testing project , empirical knowledge . Then was verified using simulation experience and knowledge . Finally, these empirical knowledge using fuzzy arithmetic means into scientific computing , the formation of a new structural damage identification method . The new method proposed in this paper simulation Charpy individual damage cases . The simulation results show that the method is simple and effective , and highly practical . The method is not only conducive to the improvement of the follow-up study of other forms of structural damage identification method , also be used as a reference to the works of practical applications .
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