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Experimental Research and Application of High Performance Concrete of Box Girder

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Tutor: HeJinYun
School: Hebei University of Engineering
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: high performance concrete,mineral admixture,workability,adaptability,compressive
CLC: U444
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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In this paper, the precast box girder of Daguang highway Hengda Construction Contract Section was studied¡£According to engineering practice, the paper presents the performance demand of raw materials which is examined used in high performance concrete. By examining the fluidity of cement mortar, the fine cement and high-performance water-reducing agent was chosen, and the effect of water-reducing agent in different ways and different dosage on the fluidity of cement mortar and the effect of fly ash and mineral admixtures on cement mortar strength were investigated. The focus of this paper is to design mix proportion of the C50 high performance concrete of the precast box girders by orthogonal design, it analyses the influence law of water-binder ratio, cementitious materials content, volume of fly ash and slag, sand ratio on its performance of workability and compressive strength. As a result , the achievement have been made sure of the standard factor and the best mixture proportion and found out the best way of measuring the index of the high performance concrete. The paper discusses the method to researching slump loss and several measures are used to control slump loss. The measures of proper technology and quality control are presented. The great economic and social benefits are obtained by cost analysis.The experiment has manifested that common concrete¡¯s workability and strength are improved by fly ash and mineral admixture, At the same time,the life of the bridge is also enhanced, maintenance costs are reduced.
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