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Suspension Bridge Steel Pylon Conveying Limestone about Wind Resistance

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Tutor: LuYuHua
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Suspension Bridge,Large cross,Aerostatic instability,Steel pylon,Static wind loa
CLC: U448.25
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Bridge - Bridge family across the strongest type of bridge, suspension bridge with its overall handsome in appearance and quick construction popular enjoy the bridges Queen \Main force characteristics of the suspension bridge loads transmitted by the slings main cable, main cable after Sarasota spread Anchorage, the entire load transfer is simple and clear. With the continuous development of the design and construction of the suspension bridge technology, emerging and high-strength materials, suspension bridge span increasingly oversized cross, the main span of 3300m Strait of Messina Bridge under construction Bridge over 4000m put on the agenda. Increasing span suspension bridge flexibility will be greater the aerostatic stability problem will become more prominent. Aerostatic instability occurs without any pre-sudden and strong, and thus more damaging, in the design of the bridge should avoid this from happening. The development of the steel pylon when represented by the United States and Japan, two countries in building a number of world-famous suspension bridge. As we all know, Japan is a frequent earthquakes countries, as much as possible the use of steel is one of Japan's national policy, this is because the steel structure lighter than concrete structures, the inertia force of gravity to produce the structure in the event of an earthquake, so the steel pylon earthquake resistance is one of the very effective measures. In central and western China, located in the mountains of China's strategy for the development of a natural barrier, and therefore the construction of a number of important traffic routes, often encountered in these traffic routes built bridges and culverts or tunnels, large-span bridges built suspension bridge is essential bridge structure. And in these areas is also an earthquake-prone area, Yushu earthquake occurred as Wenchuan earthquake occurred on May 12, 2008 and April 14, 2010, to the life and property of the people brought huge losses. Therefore, in these areas, the construction of large-span suspension bridge, Sarasota material can be made from steel. This paper describes the suspension bridge steel Sarasota applications at home and abroad, and summed up the connection between the structure of the form and type of bridge steel Sarasota, steel Suo Tata column as well as the basic form of connection, and a suspension bridge steel Sarasota linear analysis under wind loads and geometric nonlinear analysis, as well as the bare tower case static wind load analysis and some basic dynamic characteristics, and hope that after the suspension bridge steel pylon design, construction, and other helpful.
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